Duke-bound Sean Dockery operates on his competition
while on the floor.

Hot Summer Julian Night

By Frank Rusnak

Hickory, dickery Dock, the mouse ran up the clock /   Now about his stock  /  It's going through the roof  /  Poof! He's gone  /  Off to Duke and Coach K  /  He won't have to pay  /   He's got it like that  /  Ridin' phat, on the South Side  /   Don't chide his stride  /  Stop all the rumors concerning the books   /  And the mean looks  /  The man is giving it is all  /   And he won't fall  /  Cuz that's not the way papa Steve taught him at all  /  Raised in the gym  /  He's been ballin' since he was a shorty   /  And even when he's well past forty  /  He'll still be going strong  /   There's nothing wrong  /  With this man's love for the game  /  No shame   /  Just cuz you aren't the same  /  We aren't all resembling  /   Making opponents trembling  /  He's rockin' the 3 stripes on a size 13   /  Now everyone wants to feign.

Everyone knows him  /  'Preps' made him a star  /  But it's his heart that will bring him far  /  Rockin' the Julian Orange & Brown  /   Don't frown  /  Nothing's bringing him down  /  Quicker than the blink of an eye  /  He'll make a grown man cry  /  Just because he doesn't shoot it, don't sleep on that J  /  Or else he'll make you pay  /   Layin' you out like a deck of cards  /  He's better than any of the city's guards  /  Crack!  /  Splat!  /  He's making your ankles break one way, then back the other  /  His game is unlike any other  /   Hands quicker than a magician  /  He'll dominate under any condition   /  Yes, he's old for his age  /  But don't let that be a gauge   /  He's been dominating the CPL even as rookie  /  So don't play hooky with Sean D  /  Cuz he'll make you see  /  The light is always burning bright  /  Even on a hot summer Julian night.


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