Frank's notes:
Jerel McNeal has been busy the past few weeks. He, along with Hillcrest teammate Maurice Acker, took a visit to Acker's future school Ball State. And McNeal took his official visit to Marquette, where he is committed.

    What’s up everybody?

    There has been a whole lot going the last couple of weeks.Hillcrest's Jerel McNeal

    First our school had our Homecoming week, which was real fun. We had special days everyday to give the students a chance to act a little crazy. We had a lot of funny things going on especially for throwback day. We had to dress how people dressed during the 90's, 80's and 70's. Guys were walking around with jerry curls and multi-colored sweat suits. Real funny. We also had a parade and the football game on that Friday, then the dance on Saturday night. Even though I did not stick around the football team beat Kankakee.

    Some friends and I went down to Ball State and stayed there for the weekend. This is the college ’Reese will be going to next year so it was me and him, my cousin Rico and my friend "Sauce". We had fun down there and returned home on Sunday.

    Then the next weekend was also real fun as I went on my official visit to Marquette, the school I am attending next year. On Friday they had the whole day planned out as I got a chance to play with the team. I got a chance to watch the team’s first practice. One of the highlights of the weekend was that I got a chance to hang out with my future teammate who is coming the same time as me, Dominic James. Dominic and I really think we will hit it off and become good friends over our four years. After talking to him, he is a lot like me and a real funny guy.

    Still everyday I am counting down to the start of the season. Also I want to tell everyone on the football team that they did a great job and had a good season after their second round loss to Fenwick in the playoffs.

    Well until next time people, I will get at y’all.

Peace out,

    Jerel McNeal



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