Frank's notes:
Jerel McNeal and Hillcrest had a rough time at the Proviso West holiday tournament, but have a chance to redeem themselves Tuesday against No. 1 Thornton.

    Whatís going on everybody?Hillcrest's Jerel McNeal

    I hope everyone had a happy new year.

    I will give everyone an insight look at what has been going on with me on and off the court in my life.

    Starting off, we had a real rough week at the Proviso West holiday tournament where we started off well. We won our first game against Harlan. Then, coming back after that we took two consecutive losses; first to Von Steuben then to Proviso East in the fifth-place bracket.

    I took the losses real hard at first. But then I realized that I would rather have the losses now than later in the season or in the playoffs. So now we try to move on to conference play in the S.I.C.A. Central. I really feel we have to stay sharp during this time to stay on point for more important games.

    We have a real big game coming up with Thornton on Tuesday, Jan. 18. Thornton is currently ranked No. 1 in the state, so we need to get ready for that game.

    As far as off the court, the break was real good and I got a chance to spend a lot of time with all my friends and family. We sat around and laughed a lot and looked back on life when we were younger. It is real strange and kind of scary that around this time next year I might be at school and away from my family on the holidays. But hey, we all have to grow up and move on sometime in life.

Iím out,

    P.S. Everyone should know that my new yearís resolution is to win State.


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